Big Week of ChessBoxer-ing!

Well, if the title above is any indication, ChessBoxer is gearing up for a special week of music and events in Nashville and beyond! 

First off, the boys are doing a special concert on Wednesday night, a "secret show" which is completely secret - we can't tell you where or who, but, secretly between us, check out Sofar Sounds for future shows with amazing artists and bands! 

On Thursday evening, August 28th, CB will be performing their first ever online concert, hosted by the good folks at Concert Window! You can go online to Concert Window - Nashville Nights and join in the frivolity - you'll be able to ask questions, make requests, and hear CB along with special guests Bryan SimpsonAdam Stockdale, and Tyler Andal from the comfort of your den, your swanky hotel room, on your iDevice, your PC machine, with a cocktail, warm milk, flying solo, or with a group of your dearest friends! You won't want to miss this very special evening. 

After the concerts conclude this week, CB will be heading off to record and make music with special guests in VA and CA. Can't say who yet, but it's going to be big! 

If you're in Chicago, love Chicago, or just want to come see ChessBoxer in Chicago, a very special evening of music will be held at the world renowned violin shop, Darnton and Hersh, on Sept. 13th. "Beethoven Meets Bluegrass," a concert with members of the Likos Academy performing Beethoven, followed by a set of ChessBoxer's finest music. Ever wanted to hear fiddle music on a Stradivari Violin, now's your chance! Visit Beethoven Meets Bluegrass to purchase tickets, will be an incredibly memorable night in the heart of downtown Chi-town!

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