We're Fall-ing into Winter!

With the onslaught of recent Polar Vortex activity, ChessBoxer has been holed away writing and arranging new songs for upcoming sessions to record the new album due in 2015! The boys are incredibly excited about the new music and would like to share some of it with you on two dates...

On Dec 11th at the Stone Fox in Nashville, TN, CB will be performing their last live concert of 2014 and will be joined by the beautiful trio, Maybe April. Tickets are only $5 and you can find all of the additional info on the Shows page above.

On Dec 16th, CB will once again return to your computer, iPhone, TV, and digital screens for a Holiday Concert hosted by Concert Window! The first CB gig through Concert Window was a complete success and this upcoming concert should be filled with even more cheer and holiday frivolity! You'll find the link to this event on the Shows page as well.

We hope you can join ChessBoxer for one or both of these events, there will definitely be a slew of wonderful guest musicians and friends to make sure these events aren't soon forgotten!



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